Middlebrow: Motherlovin’ tastemakers.

So this gentleman (so-called because he is in the Quarterly for such) has a hate-love of Feist: Saying you like Feist is like not having an opinion, the greatest offense in certain Internetty precincts of our contemporary culture. You might as well say you like chocolate or potato chips. It says nothing about you. It’s not curated. … Continue reading

Pineapple and I discuss important issues of our time

On Knitting Patterns Me: So many options.  A moebius cowl? Pineapple:  Actually, the worst thing on there is the ladybug bike helmet cover.  It just screams “I hate sex.” On Rapscallion Princes Pineapple: He just looks like his internal monologue is always going “YEEEEAHHH!” me: Followed by a peal of hard rock music Pineapple: Exactly … Continue reading