It always has seemed lucky to me that I was born at the end of May.  Spring tends to come a little later to this part of the country, but it is in it’s apex at this time, with summer fast approaching.  Everything feels a little like a celebration — the end of school, the … Continue reading

my cat sat on your homework.

  Grading all those papers would have been a lot easier if I didn’t have to keep lifting this cat off the papers.  Hermes, too, although he runs before I get the camera.  His interest is in trying to steal the papers and hide them from me, because that’s the kind of thing that dbag … Continue reading

teaching compassion

I am honestly struggling with something when I teach, and that is how to broach serious subjects with sensitivity.  And how to do so to convey the importance of compassion and respect for all. I had an incident today where a group of boys were laughing — LAUGHING — at a scene in film class … Continue reading

the dreaded summer cold

Not the recent spate of cold temperatures, mind you.  I was fine with a little cool down, because I hate running my AC and i hate heat.  It’s temperate now, and nice, and I hope it remains so for weeks to come. The dreaded summer cold is the return of rhinovirus.  An actual cold.  I … Continue reading

good intentions

Describing to my cousin and uncle, who invited me out for a burger and a beer tonight, how my cooking habit deteriorates over the week: “On Monday, it’s like, ‘I am going to prepare this amazing meal full of ingredients and eat the leftovers!’ By Wednesday, it turns into “I am going to make this … Continue reading