Another reason growing up is overrated.

I have been wondering what to write today.  Coming back from a long vacation is always a little rough, because it turns out your life is NOT taking a daily nap on a boat after a morning spent reading, swimming, and drinking Diet A&W by the gallon (NB: If I ever blog a blog popular … Continue reading

just to start

Part of the reason the blog has slowed down recently is that I’ve been writing more fiction with a writing group, and having that fiction workshoped.  This means, of course, I work full-time and then, when I write, I write fiction.  Or I workshop fiction.  Or I think about fiction.  I haven’t even factored in … Continue reading

Mmm, pretty!

I’m prettying up more than just my bathroom these days! The urge to redecorate has spread to the blog from my apartment, although there are still things  I want to do to this place with paint and nails and, perhaps, curtains? Anyway, I leave now with this exchange with a child: Girl: Sometimes I eat … Continue reading