works well with others

I can’t say how, exactly, I became the one chosen to acquire the goods.  Perhaps it’s because as the teaching candidate, I am young, energetic, and eager to get a good recommendation.  Perhaps it’s also because I am the only woman in this prep — but this is not to say that this mission was … Continue reading

Everything You Believe Is Wrong!

At a recent meeting with my colleagues, we were discussing one of my colleagues “baby-watch 2013.”  His wife’s due date was fast approaching. He was anxious because the next day was her last day of work, and he was concerned that she would go into labor before her maternity leave started. “I wouldn’t worry,” said … Continue reading

overheard as the teens discussed poetry

“No, the animal is her HUSBAND.  It’s, like, a metaphor.” “How do we know it’s a metaphor and not an actual animal?” “Because she talks about burying it.” “So?  It could still be about hunting an animal.” “Why would you HUNT an animal just so you could bury it?” “Because SCIENCE.” — “But why does … Continue reading

thank you notes

My summer job ended today, and next week I am on to a new adventure, with its own stories yet to discover.  The kids I worked with this summer, however, were wonderful and memorable and I will miss them all quite sincerely.  I don’t think I had a single dull day.  I don’t think I … Continue reading

ll cool dude-child

A coworker asked me if I’d notice that the Dude-Child and Tiny Groucher seemed to have a crush on each other lately.  I have.  They are very much together, making each other giggle over jokes and books, running hand in hand around the playground, sitting together happily talking and playing.  Paula Abdul and MC Scat-Cat … Continue reading