even really, really, really good-looking people

We can pretend there isn’t a type people have in mind when you say the word “yoga class,” and someone who looks like me is not that type. But even in classes where all the girls look like supermodels and all the boys look like Adonises, there is one fundamental truth. Continue reading


just to start

Part of the reason the blog has slowed down recently is that I’ve been writing more fiction with a writing group, and having that fiction workshoped.  This means, of course, I work full-time and then, when I write, I write fiction.  Or I workshop fiction.  Or I think about fiction.  I haven’t even factored in … Continue reading

pickle warriors

Tomorrow I’m not only getting to hang out with my amazing friend Meg, but I am also delivering two jars of homemade pickles that my dad canned over the summer.  For a non-pickle enthusiast such as myself, I consider these top-notch pickles.  More discerning pickle-lovers have agreed, Meg being one of them.  It’s a shame … Continue reading

Scenes from a Polish/Irish Wedding

Scene 1, The Skeptics: My nephew, upon seeing the church, said to me, “Aunt Katie, are we going into that big castle?”  Later, as the pastor started speaking, my nephew turned to my brother and said derisively, “Daddy, who is that?” Scene 2, The Pink Pussycat: After the wedding but before leaving the church, my … Continue reading

fatting it up at the gym

Earlier today, I was at the gym (as you do), listening to the Throwing Shade podcast (as I do).  Bryan Safi was just saying something absurd when I overheard this gem from a girl to, ostensibly, her boyfriend: “It’s weird when fat people come here, but then, like, i workout harder when they do, you … Continue reading