i am not your dear

Oh, sorry everyone  SORRY, I was busy finishing  my MA and also finding a much better job that required a move to a much smaller town and a much larger apartment.  But where were we?  Yoga Farts?  Ok then.   So, here’s the deal.  When you exist in this world as a Human with Body … Continue reading


It’s not just the fact that it’s Friday that makes me so relaxed, but also the fact that the humidity has finally let up.  While it’s still warm, it’s pleasant.  I just came back from an evening walk around my neighborhood, an enjoyable proceeding that makes me kind of wish I had a dog to … Continue reading


I’ve noticed a recent trend in female-oriented popular culture — not such a trend that it pops up constantly, but I’ve noticed it more than once so, it’s a trend to me.  That’s how these things work if you are self-centered  Anyway, here it is — two female close friends, teens or adults, bathing together … Continue reading

effects, in brief

I haven’t talked much about any noticeable effects from all the biking I’ve been doing.  Their have been a few, namely a pointed change in my stamina at work and doing day-to-day-things.  When I went to the doctor about my ear infection, the nurse taking my stats noted that my blood pressure and resting heart … Continue reading

A Hat is Spared

The best part of any challenge is the support from the people you love.  My mom, for instance, told me on the phone tonight that she was inspired by my challenge and was taking Davy-dog out for walks every day now, up to a mile each day, aiming for two by the weekend.  My dear … Continue reading