i am not your dear

Oh, sorry everyone  SORRY, I was busy finishing  my MA and also finding a much better job that required a move to a much smaller town and a much larger apartment.  But where were we?  Yoga Farts?  Ok then.   So, here’s the deal.  When you exist in this world as a Human with Body … Continue reading

effects, in brief

I haven’t talked much about any noticeable effects from all the biking I’ve been doing.  Their have been a few, namely a pointed change in my stamina at work and doing day-to-day-things.  When I went to the doctor about my ear infection, the nurse taking my stats noted that my blood pressure and resting heart … Continue reading

fatting it up at the gym

Earlier today, I was at the gym (as you do), listening to the Throwing Shade podcast (as I do).  Bryan Safi was just saying something absurd when I overheard this gem from a girl to, ostensibly, her boyfriend: “It’s weird when fat people come here, but then, like, i workout harder when they do, you … Continue reading