Christmas Card

I’m terrible at Christmas cards.  Every year, I receive them, and promise that the next year, I’ll spend a day getting them written and addressed in return, but I never get as many out as I could – or send none out at all.  This year, I gave exactly one Christmas card, and that’s because … Continue reading

Everything You Believe Is Wrong!

At a recent meeting with my colleagues, we were discussing one of my colleagues “baby-watch 2013.”  His wife’s due date was fast approaching. He was anxious because the next day was her last day of work, and he was concerned that she would go into labor before her maternity leave started. “I wouldn’t worry,” said … Continue reading

I realized today that referring to students as “my kids” when talking around my nieces and nephews might sound confusing after this conversation with Ben: Ben:  Aren’t your kids watching your cats? Me: I don’t have any kids, sweetie. Ben: But what about your kids? Me: I don’t have any kids, just the cats. Ben: … Continue reading

old pictures

Today, while doing my grocery shopping after work, I took a moment to pick out a frame for a picture my mom gave me the last time I visited them: That’s my grandfather, sometime around the year 1932 I’d guess, at the farmhouse where he grew up (the youngest of 13, I might add).  My … Continue reading