The last day of teaching before a vacation: In GIF format

You start the day optimistic, and perhaps a little giddy and goofy. After all, it’s a short week for you, too:

As the day goes on, your students are starting to drive you a little crazy, so you ramp it up a little bit:

But by lunch, you start to find that you’re running out of steam:

And more and more frequently throughout the day, you find yourself having to remind students that this is still a school day and you’re still the one in charge:

By the time the last hour of the day rolls around, you’ve pretty much hit your breaking point:

And, for however brief a moment, your feelings about young people have taken a sharp turn towards the negative:

And your annoyance is really starting to show:

King Bitchface Baratheon, First of his Name.

But every day comes to an end, even this one:

And as you embark on your break, remember one rule of teacher vacations:



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