the dreaded summer cold

Not the recent spate of cold temperatures, mind you.  I was fine with a little cool down, because I hate running my AC and i hate heat.  It’s temperate now, and nice, and I hope it remains so for weeks to come. The dreaded summer cold is the return of rhinovirus.  An actual cold.  I … Continue reading

I realized today that referring to students as “my kids” when talking around my nieces and nephews might sound confusing after this conversation with Ben: Ben:  Aren’t your kids watching your cats? Me: I don’t have any kids, sweetie. Ben: But what about your kids? Me: I don’t have any kids, just the cats. Ben: … Continue reading

ll cool dude-child

A coworker asked me if I’d notice that the Dude-Child and Tiny Groucher seemed to have a crush on each other lately.  I have.  They are very much together, making each other giggle over jokes and books, running hand in hand around the playground, sitting together happily talking and playing.  Paula Abdul and MC Scat-Cat … Continue reading