deus ex robot apocalypse

Boy: (singing to the tune of “Angels Watching Over Me”) All night, ALLLLL DAY!  Robots chasing after me, my Lord!  Allll night, ALLLLLL DAY!  ROBOTS CHASING AFTER MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Advertisements

the deluge

The general impression is that it could have been much worse, although as horizontal rain was forcing its way into my air conditioning unit and pouring into a bucket I’d set out, it seemed pretty bad.  At least my windows held. On the scale of other storms that have hit the country in the past … Continue reading

everybody must get…

The picture the child found was on a brochure that had been lying around, brought in by another child, advertising a water park called Mt. Olympus.  I’d already perused it briefly to laugh at the glaring inaccuracies (one page alone references both Hades and NEPTUNE.  By the hammer of Thor, there are millions of liberal … Continue reading

nieces, nephews, grandparents, siblings

My oldest brother is in town all week for a conference, and as Bipa has her own work-conference all week in Fargo, my parents agreed to meet halfway from North Dakota and Northern Wisconsin and take my niece and nephew for the week.  We spent the morning swimming with the kids — I held on … Continue reading

things seen on June First, 2013

A man riding a blue scooter while wearing a top hat.  Clearly, he is the president of the Club of Awesome People. A little girl with Minnie Mouse poofs in her hair who excitedly shouted, “Baby!” when she saw my friends’ baby in a stroller. Some new people moving into my building.   The sun, … Continue reading