fearsome glowy things

We would build a haunted house in the basement every year around Halloween.  It would be ad-hoc, meant only for the parents to walk through once or twice, and the materials were limited to whatever toys we had in the basement.  Headless barbies were strung from above, bedsheets from storage creating endless tunnels of darkness.  … Continue reading

i’m here to be NUMBER ONE.

I think of myself as levelheaded and reasonable, but there is a distinct possibility that I am punchy and combative, too.  You’re the hero in your own story, but the crazy asshole in someone else’s story, and it helps to remember that and keep things in perspective.  All the same, I like being interesting more … Continue reading


No, haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  Just a lot going on in April, really — baby-shower planning, Professional Development stuff, writing fictional work because the brain is working overdrive, writing professional development work because the law is the law, applying for various opportunities this summer, and also my parents sold their house. … Continue reading