theology lessons

Kid 1:  Haha, I farted! Kid 2:  Who cares?  That’s not that funny.  Everyone farts.  Farts are natural. Kid 3:  Yeah.  God made the fart.   Advertisements

the amazing radioactive rat

The thing about me as a child is that I was very gullible.  Very, very gullible.  I was relatively sheltered, mostly because I came from a stable family environment full of love and support and all the stuff that makes terrible artists.  And so I was like the rat in those old experiments, the one … Continue reading

a testament to youth in verse

One day last week, a kid kept calling me Sassy Lady until I asked him what, exactly, he was talking about. “Gangnam Style!” he said cheerfully, and then, making the horse riding motions as well as Psy himself, sang, “Heeeeeeeeeeey!  Sassy Lay-day!” “I am so glad that is what you think that song says,” I … Continue reading


By writing this I know that I am about to admit that I watch a show aimed at teenagers and families, and being neither, I don’t know what it says about me.  Blame Amy Sherman-Pallidino.  If Bunheads, a.k.a. “Gilmore Girls – Now, with more Dancing!” hadn’t aired on ABC Family, I might have never accidentally … Continue reading