A Farewell to Frames

Like Father, Like Daughter I chose this place for several reasons.  One, my dad had expressed willingness to drive me to and from appointments.  Two, he’d had his surgery done there 15 years ago, and those 15 years of perfect vision spoke volumes for the quality I would get.  Third, when I met the surgeon, … Continue reading

frickin’ lasers!

In four hours, my dad will be driving me into the Wisconsin Eye Clinic.  I’ll sign in, take a Valium, and then the doctor, the same one who fixed my dad’s eyes 15 years ago, will shoot lasers into my eyes. How’s your Thursday? I’m excited.  I’ve had glasses since I was five years old, … Continue reading

Pugs, Unicorns, and Being Alone

There’s a weird sort of pity that swirls around the single at Valentine’s Day.  It varies – I hear a variety of statements from, “You’ll find someone when you’re not looking,” to “You’re such a strong person on your own!” But underneath these statements breathes the same question – “How can you be single and … Continue reading