I’ve noticed a recent trend in female-oriented popular culture — not such a trend that it pops up constantly, but I’ve noticed it more than once so, it’s a trend to me.  That’s how these things work if you are self-centered  Anyway, here it is — two female close friends, teens or adults, bathing together … Continue reading

indoor recess.

I remember one year when I was in school when we had something like 20 consecutive days of indoor recess because of sub-zero temperatures.  I remember thinking that indoor recess was the worst kind of punishment a child could endure, because one was basically cooped up with one’s peers and teachers, trying to think of … Continue reading

strong like ox, smart like dumptruck

It was a streak too good to last. Perhaps a week ago, my friend Meg and I were commenting on how, despite occasional illnesses, I had somehow managed to go a significant amount of time without any major injuries incurred by my own incompatibility with Earth-gravity.  I mean, that has to be why I fall … Continue reading

unremarkable and pleasant days

This week has been the first week in what seems like forever that I’ve felt 100% well and myself, and I’ve hit the ground running, so to speak, in terms of work and socialization.  Friends to see, work to do, kids to corrupt educate, Downton Abbey to watch, the usual.  I had a long talk … Continue reading

Cannonball Read 1: Backseat Saints

As part of a challenge, I am doing Cannonball Read Five here.  The goal is to read and (briefly or not so briefly) review 52 books in a year.  To learn more about Cannonball Read go here. I discovered Joshilyn Jackson last year when I was taking advantage of a book sale and picked up Gods … Continue reading

conditioning workout

Tonight, while finishing my workout while watching Downton Abbey,* Girl Friday began excitedly meeping at my feet, in a way I’ve come to recognize as a plea to be picked up.  So I did, giving her an affectionate snuggle, and she promptly started licking my face.  It occurred to me then that she had done … Continue reading