merry christmas to all

Signing out for a few days from the internet (except for Facebook).  My nephew has made many demands on my time, and I figured I’d rather extract some good old-fashioned quality time with him and suspend my challenge.  Add to this the fact that my niece has a cold that she shared with me (mild … Continue reading

trees can break wind.

Me: Hey!  No throwing snow! Kid: It’s not snow, it’s ice. Me: That’s actually worse. — Parent Volunteer:  They really need to do a better job breaking the wind around here… Well, that came out wrong. — 10 miles today, squeezed in to a pretty busy day.  Time got away from me, and I realized … Continue reading

effects, in brief

I haven’t talked much about any noticeable effects from all the biking I’ve been doing.  Their have been a few, namely a pointed change in my stamina at work and doing day-to-day-things.  When I went to the doctor about my ear infection, the nurse taking my stats noted that my blood pressure and resting heart … Continue reading

old spice

I have many things I want to talk about, but my mom just messaged me and said, “If a jar of spice doesn’t have a bar code on it, you suppose I should toss it?”  And it reminded me that I never talked about the great Sesame Seed debacle of 2012.  Last April, before construction … Continue reading