a quick last-minute annoyance bike

I had planned on taking today off, but then, things changed. I get home from a relaxing evening with Meg only to find a notice from my landlord, the one I praised not too long ago for being quick on things, notifying me that on Monday they’ll be doing pest control again so would I mind … Continue reading

pickle warriors

Tomorrow I’m not only getting to hang out with my amazing friend Meg, but I am also delivering two jars of homemade pickles that my dad canned over the summer.  For a non-pickle enthusiast such as myself, I consider these top-notch pickles.  More discerning pickle-lovers have agreed, Meg being one of them.  It’s a shame … Continue reading

A Hat is Spared

The best part of any challenge is the support from the people you love.  My mom, for instance, told me on the phone tonight that she was inspired by my challenge and was taking Davy-dog out for walks every day now, up to a mile each day, aiming for two by the weekend.  My dear … Continue reading

Goldilocks Complex

When I got home on Sunday after spending Thanksgiving at my parents’, my first thought was, “Smells good in here.”  My second thought was, “But it’s a bit cold.” I don’t pay for heat at my place.  It’s one of the perks of living here — that and it’s close to both downtowns, centrally located, … Continue reading

a marathon, not a sprint

It’s how it feels when you go back to work after vacation.  Or after a long illness. Or after a compound of both.  Not to mention that everyone surrounding me seems to be carrying some dreadful winter ailment, turning everyone into rhinovirus-addled zombies shuffling  around, not keen on using their sick days even in the … Continue reading

the silent-but-deadly generation

I read articles like this and I wonder what the actual purpose is.  Haven’t we decided that hipster is such a shifting term that it doesn’t really mean anything?  Sady Doyle’s playful criticism of this article made me giggle quite a bit, wherein she makes fun of the author’s phantom-hipster.   Anyway, according to this … Continue reading