beers and balls

I was made uncoordinated and nearsighted, built for comfort and not for speed.    I could never master the monkey bars and was hopeless at cartwheels.  As a myopic youth, my interests tended towards those least likely to result in a full body cast.  This is more difficult than you’d think, as I have more … Continue reading

not by faith alone

This weekend, I went with my folks out to North Dakota visit my brother and his family for my nephew’s birthday.  While there, my brother told me how they’ve been trying to get Ben to understand that sometimes, you have to earn treats and rewards, instead of just getting them when you want them.  For … Continue reading

Meow Cat in the Woods.

I am currently without internet.  It’s a disaster to deal with, especially given the time to call about this problem is around 8am-5pm.  Which is convenient, because of course I am at home and able to make phone calls and be put on hold during that time.  Who isn’t? In the days before I had … Continue reading

iBrody Playlist: workout songs

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned what I’m listening to, and there is a reason for that:  I’ve mostly been listening to one song, and that song is Hey Ya! And I have said before that I have never heard that song and not wanted to get a party started.  I remember being at … Continue reading

Mmm, pretty!

I’m prettying up more than just my bathroom these days! The urge to redecorate has spread to the blog from my apartment, although there are still things  I want to do to this place with paint and nails and, perhaps, curtains? Anyway, I leave now with this exchange with a child: Girl: Sometimes I eat … Continue reading

naked eyes

The kids I work with right now like to amuse themselves by telling me to take off my glasses, which I do from time to time.  When I do, they shriek and giggle and tell me I look like one of my coworkers who does not wear glasses.  There are many reasons that this is … Continue reading