When you rent and don’t own your place, there’s a lot you can’t change.  You can’t really change fixtures, or appliances (unless you’re really sneaky), or rip down any walls and move them.  You can’t change the tile in the bathroom or the linoleum in the kitchen, and you can’t really change the fact that … Continue reading

secret admirers

Last Friday, still cold-ridden and exhausted, I decided to forego my usual breakfast and get my caffiene from one of the many caffeine dispensaries.  I was not looking my best — no makeup, ratty sweatshirt, hair still damp from the shower — but perhaps I looked well enough through a rear-view mirror, because when they … Continue reading

Nature finds a way.

”I still have to figure out if I’ll be able to put a T-Rex on the point,” my dad said, as we ate pizza in front of the garage-cum-apartment my parents sleep in when they come to oversee progress on the cabin. “A T-Rex?” “For the point,” my dad said, referring to the small jetty … Continue reading

the lady doth protest.

Once upon a time I hated a boy. That seems a little strong to say. I did not like this boy, not one bit, and perhaps I could have merely detested him and never thought much about it again, but I was convinced I hated him. Hated him with every fiber of my being. And … Continue reading

the most wonderful time of the year

I feel like it’s been summer for eighteen months.  I’m not even kidding about this.  I hate to complain about it because last winter was so mild, and because I remember that the winter before last was the one that dumped so much snow that the Metrodome literally collapsed (and the snow spilled out on … Continue reading