Batman versus Star Wars.

Me: So tell me, what else did you do at the State Fair? Boy: Nothing of your concern. Me: HAH!  Then never mind, I guess! Boy: I’m kidding!  My dad and I played games, and, Miss Katie, guess what’s the most dangerous game? Me: Man? — Girl: Guess what, it was my birthday! Me: Well … Continue reading

On Voting No.

SO two things have been rolling around in my head today: 1) Today is my parents’ 37th anniversary 2) Election season is in full swing, which means political commercials up the wazoo. I live in a state that is going to be voting on a Marriage amendment this November.  To be precise, a marriage amendment … Continue reading

Cats and goats, basically.

This weekend I finally had a weekend without some kind of activity — my first in several weeks.  Not that I haven’t enjoyed all the extra family-time goodness and memory-making that has been packed into those weeks — niece Harper riding on my back carrying a balloon sword and ordering me to “FIGHT GWANDPA,”  going … Continue reading

got paid to do this today

Girl:  (Robot voice) I AM A RO-BOT. Me: (Robot voice) YOU ARE A RO-BOT, AS AM I. Girl: (Robot Voice) BLOOP BLOOP RO-BOT Me: (Robot voice) BLEEP BLORP. Girl: (normal voice) Hey, I have a joke for you. Me: (normal voice) Shoot! Girl: Knock Knock Me: Who’s there? Girl: Boo. Me:  Boo who? Girl: WHY … Continue reading

the happy prince

I’ve wanted to write this for a couple of days now, since first receiving the text from my friend that one of our favorite authors, David Rakoff, had passed away the night before.  I read the text minutes before going into work, and felt one, instantly saddened, and two, reminded of what Rakoff himself wrote … Continue reading

“Mike Lives in the Basement.”

Going through some old tapes recently (and there is nothing like going through tapes you made in high school and college to remind you that you went through some QUESTIONABLE periods, vis-a-vis taste in music) when I came across one I made as a child.  I did this a lot between the ages of six … Continue reading

Scenes from a Polish/Irish Wedding

Scene 1, The Skeptics: My nephew, upon seeing the church, said to me, “Aunt Katie, are we going into that big castle?”  Later, as the pastor started speaking, my nephew turned to my brother and said derisively, “Daddy, who is that?” Scene 2, The Pink Pussycat: After the wedding but before leaving the church, my … Continue reading