The Sporting Life

  Looks like I have tendonitis in my left knee (and a little bit in my right), brought on by repetitive stress at work (did you know children are small and require you to constantly bend down?) and my own stubborn “walk-it-off” approach to the pain.  So I’ve taken the past two nights off of … Continue reading

Good idea.

This face translated means: “You’ve written enough tonight.  You also worked all day.  You should sit back, turn on Breaking Bad, and scratch me under my chin for a while.”

perils of urban biking

Just got back from a bike ride.  The air is temperate and fresh after today’s thunderstorms, so I figured I’d take The Admiral out for an evening ride in the park just above my apartment.  Fewer bitchy comments aimed at you when you exercise outside, although I have to deal with my other pet peeve: … Continue reading

fatting it up at the gym

Earlier today, I was at the gym (as you do), listening to the Throwing Shade podcast (as I do).  Bryan Safi was just saying something absurd when I overheard this gem from a girl to, ostensibly, her boyfriend: “It’s weird when fat people come here, but then, like, i workout harder when they do, you … Continue reading