Sometime, circa 1989, my oldest brother, Mike, and I were both given our first pairs of glasses — him, a pair of wire-rimmed glasses that sealed his fate as a future PhD in the sciences, me, my first pair of brightly-colored plastic frames, a style that serves me well to this day.  The point is, … Continue reading

the magic hour

It was a good thing my mom wasn’t around to see the flatteringly panic-stricken look on my apartment manager’s face (he’s about my age) when he said, “Wait, are you moving?”  She would have immediately called the crew at the cabin to hurry up construction, because it looks like a wedding in the fall. Anyway, … Continue reading

Phone blogging!

Turns out I can blog from my phone! Everyone wins! To help me celebrate, here are Phoenix and Sophie, being adorable.


I blame my mom.  The last few times I was home and brought the cats with me, my mom fed them tuna.  Not only that, she responded to their meows one morning, when I was not yet awake, by coaxing them into the kitchen and giving them tuna again.  I can no longer open a … Continue reading

Giant Birds and McSweeney’s.

Well, hello sunshine! Greetings, world!  My, you look LOVELY! I wouldn’t necessarily say I am POST-illness, but I am definitely able to be out and about, back around children as well as adult-like people.  Oh, sure, my lungs are rattling and my nose is stuffy and that is less than ideal, but I was able … Continue reading

cabin fever!

I’ve got cabin fevah, I’ve got cabin feeevah   Being cooped up for four days with a summer cold (I HATE YOU VIRUS!  PLEASE LEAVE NOW!) makes me reminiscent of all the time at my family cabin.  Alas, it’s undergoing renovation this summer, so I’m plotting out ways to get that cabin feeling one of … Continue reading

a study in comparisons

My phone conversation this evening with my parents, in summation: Mom: (talk about me being sick) (talk about progress on the cabin) (talk about siblings) (talk about neighbors) (talk about remedies for my cold again) (talk about upcoming company)… Hold on, I have to take some bread out of the oven, talk to your dad … Continue reading