Teachers Mock Children

Student: “No candy for you, Miss Katie!”   Me:  “You’ve forgotten something very important.”   Student:  “What?”   Me: “I’m a grown-up.  I can drive to the store and buy candy whenever I want.”   Advertisements

A Metaphor of Being Single

I bought a pineapple the other day because hey, they were on sale and it looked so festive. Except I’ve never purchased a pineapple before, and wasn’t exactly sure how to go about cutting into it, which is why I let it sit festively on my counter for about a week-and-a-half. Here’s the thing about … Continue reading

my story is so different from all the stories!

So a few months ago, I started reading XOjane pretty regularly. I started reading exclusively Lesley Kinzel’s articles, but my eyes wandered to article titles of interest, which I’d open in a new tab and read. As you do. And over time, other writers I loved began contributing regularly (Marianne Kirby, s.e. smith, Sara Benincasa), … Continue reading

Embarrassing Crushes

“I don’t wish him any ill-will, he… he was just my most embarrassing crush.” “GOT it.  Yeah.  My most embarrassing crush — ugh– he was.  Well.  He was an idiot.” “HAH!” “I mean, not stupid, but an idiot, and he was part of my broader social-circle and I just… crushed on him hard.” “Was he … Continue reading