I had a vivid dream about Greece last night, probably the most vivid dream I’ve had since the year after I returned. It did tempt me to throw off everything, buy a plane ticket, and go back there, never to return. Get on a boat to Santorini, get a job at a bar serving drinks … Continue reading

is this gross, what I’m about to ask?

So my friend and I went to see the latest Twilight movie, because we like to laugh. Anyway, there’s this part in the movie where the newly married vampire-and-human couple, ahem, copulate, and he ends up breaking the bed and causing bruises on her body.  Because of that, he refuses to engage with her sexually … Continue reading

The Greatest Thing Anyone Has Ever Cat-Called At Me

I spend a lot of time reading progressive and feminist blogs, which means I’ve been reading a lot lately about sexual harassment (as it relates to a certain fake republican presidential candidate) and following the Twitter hash-tag #mencallmethings.  The #mencallmethings isn’t limited to things men have called women (or limited to women bloggers), but it … Continue reading

Last week I coughed up blood

Last week I coughed up blood, and this week, I’m exhausted. The two are connected by a simple virus — a completely survivable virus that is slow in exiting my system.  I thought the blood was the worst part, because it was the scariest part, but I’m thinking this lingering exhaustion might be the worst. … Continue reading

A Blog!

New and full of banana-y goodness.  With delightful entries from a deleted blog and from my tumblr, which will continue to be dedicated to pictures of Parks and Recreation characters.