Pineapple and I discuss important issues of our time

On Knitting Patterns Me: So many options.  A moebius cowl? Pineapple:  Actually, the worst thing on there is the ladybug bike helmet cover.  It just screams “I hate sex.” On Rapscallion Princes Pineapple: He just looks like his internal monologue is always going “YEEEEAHHH!” me: Followed by a peal of hard rock music Pineapple: Exactly … Continue reading

Embrace the awkward-tunity

Ever since my mom met my landlord’s son, she’s been pushing hard for me to, quote, “make him some cookies,” end-quote.  That’s her way of saying “Wear a push-up bra and a low-cut top and see if he can, ahem, fix your plumbing.”  Actually, she said that, too, after she had some SoCo in her. Last … Continue reading